Boris the Aussie


Hey There Folks!I’m Boris, the Aussie!

Waving at his fans

About Us

Boris The Aussie is a spry little guy with the heart of a lion. He is a caring gentle soul the try’s to keep his flock close. However, you cross him with those bad vibes, he’ll let you know if a swift nip in the butt.Boris is a bit over 1 years old and he’s always down for a good time. You like watch, he’s down for a swim. You like fetch, throw him a ball! Need a cuddle buddy, Boris is always looking for a nice pillow.

Eye on the Prize

Our Work

Here at Boris Aussie, we like to keep our eyes on the prize!It’s all about focusing on what make you happy and going after it. Wide open expanses to run. The abundance of tennis balls to chase. Life is about the experience, so go out there and live life to the fullest.My work is to have fun! Do you want to work with me?

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